- We want to encourage everyone to break free from single use plastic bags -
Plastics cause the injury and death of marine species from plastic entanglement and ingestion. Single use plastic bags break down to "micro-plastics" that enter the food chain affecting not only the marine species, but also humans. Do the planet and yourself a favour by saying no to plastic bags. Take your own bag with you when you go shopping, and if you happen to be in Banks Peninsula support this amazing local initiative to help Akaroa go plastic bag free!
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Akaroa District Promotions have made this fabulous Akaroa bag. It is good quality jute and with this graphic on both sides. The bags retail at $12.00 (including GST) per bag. They are a limited edition and we expect that these will be very popular. You can purchase these bags at: • Akaroa Dolphins shop Akaroa Dolphins • Pohatu Penguins shop Pohatu Penguins/plunge • Black Cat Cruises shop Black Cat Cruises • Akaroa 4 Square • Akaroa Information Centre. Akaroa Adventure Centre.

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