You can donate towards the research and conservation work of the New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust.

Right now, we are fundraising for a new vehicle to tow one of our three small boats. Our oldest ute failed its warrant of fitness, and we would have needed to spend more money fixing the rust than the vehicle was worth. So we took a deep breath and bought a new vehicle. More expensive initially, but much better value in the long run. If you are able to fund $10,000 or more, we’ll be happy to put your company logo on the vehicle – and of course online. Also happy to mention you by name if you are a private individual rather than a company. All donations, no matter how large or small, are hugely helpful to our work. Some of our supporters make a regular, monthly payment and small amounts really add up over time.

All donations great and small count! We can guarantee that 100% of your donation will go to research and conservation.

We are a registered charitable Trust, and donations of more than NZ$ 5 are tax deductible (IRD no. 61286969).

Please click the donate button, or choose from the following options:

  • Send a cheque to the NZ Whale & Dolphin Trust, P.O. Box 56, Dunedin
  • Make a bank transfer to our bank account: 02-0912-0229035-00
  • Set up a bequest in your will
  • E-mail, write or phone to personally discuss your donation with us

Thanks for your support!