Many thanks to our sponsors!

Platinum sponsor: Black Salt Games

We are delighted to announce that Black Salt Games has joined the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust as a Platinum Sponsor. Their generous donation of $100,000 completes the funding for our new boat, as well as a towing vehicle and a major contribution towards research expenses, insurance and maintenance costs. This puts the Trust’s research and conservation efforts on a much surer footing. Many thanks to the Black Salt team!

Donations towards a new boat for the Trust

One of our boats, the good ship Grampus, is well past it’s best-by date. We have placed an order for a new boat, which is just about finished. Have receive major donations from Whale Watch Kaikoura ($20,000), Black Cat Cruises ($20,000), Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura ($20,000) and Sandcloud ($8,000) together with other smaller donations towards replacing Grampus with an Osprey aluminium boat. Watch this space for photos of the new boat, and an announcement of its name!

Black Cat Cruises buy the Trust a new outboard motor

Black Cat Cruises in Akaroa celebrated their 30th Birthday on 26 October 2015. They decided to give a present, rather than receiving one. The New Zealand Whale and Dolphin Trust was the lucky recipient of the present – a brand new outboard.


Here are Trustees Liz Slooten and Steve Dawson trying out the new outboard on the day after  receiving it. Steve and Liz are both Professors at Otago University, and Trustees of the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust. By coincidence, they  started research on Hector’s dolphins in the same year that Black Cat Cruises started their dolphin watching trips from Akaroa. Many thanks, Black Cat!

Whale Watch Kaikoura fund a 3 year study of sperm whales

Whale Watch Kaikoura is sponsoring a three year research programme to study the submarine canyon of Kaikōura.

The submarine canyon of Kaikōura, is an enormously productive deep-sea habitat, and serves as an important feeding ground for male sperm whales which are found there year-round. A better understanding of the ecology of sperm whales at Kaikōura will help Whale Watch Kaikoura in the protection of this unique marine ecosystem and the population of sperm whales it supports. Sperm whales have become an iconic symbol of Kaikōura. A healthy future for the sperm whales is an interest shared by Whale Watch and the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust.


Thank you to the Oak Foundation!

The Oak Foundation has made generous donations to the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust for several years now. This has made it possible to extend our research and conservation outreach for Hector’s and Maui dolphins. Thank you to Rosa and Nathan Argent for your long-standing support of this mahi!

Support from Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud make beautiful beach towels, blankets and other products. They donate 10% of their profits to a range of marine conservation causes, including the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust.

Akaroa Craft Distillery

The Akaroa Craft Distillery are giving back by donating a portion of their Hector’s Gin sales from the Tasting House in Akaroa to the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust.

NABU International

NABU International provided support for Hector’s and Maui’s dolphin research for many years, including a powerful computer used for photographic identification of individual dolphins and computer intensive analyses of the effectiveness of current protection for Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins. NABU also provided the Trust with many PODs (porpoise detectors). These acoustic data loggers have been used to study Maui’s dolphin use of North Island harbours. This research led directly to an extension of dolphin protection further into the harbours. NABU have been not only a sponsor, but also an important conservation ally. Many thanks!


Hiking NZ

Hiking New Zealand has supported the Whale and Dolphin Trust for many years. Getting people out into the wilderness, to learn, be inspired, have fun and to foster greater environmental awareness are the founding objectives of Hiking NZ. The company has donated a proportion of each traveller’s fees, adding to more than $70,000 over the last 20 years. Thank you Hiking NZ!


We are always looking for more sponsors:

We are looking for sponsorship for lots of small and medium-sized expenses. In the medium category, the outboard motors on our research boats wear out from time to time. In the small expenses category are rent for accommodation while doing fieldwork, insurance, boat and vehicle maintenance, that kind of thing.

Small donations are very welcome!

Smaller amounts will help us to pay for fuel for fieldwork, outboard maintenance and other maintenance and repair costs. The Trust does not have paid employees, so you can rest assured that every cent you donate will be used for research and conservation.