Strong public support for protection

Public submissions on the proposed interim protection measures for Maui’s dolphin come out strongly in favour of extending the protected area south to Hawera (about 80km south of the dolphin death in January). In addition, 24,448 public submissions want to see protection extended offshore to the 100m water depth contour, including the harbours, want to […]

Only 55 Maui’s dolphins left

The Department of Conservation releases a new population estimate for Maui’s dolphin. This estimate – of only 55 individuals (aged 1 year and older) remaining – is shocking news and puts further emphasis on the need to act immediately to prevent this dolphin going extinct. The researchers, from Department of Conservation and Auckland University, recommend […]

Two more dead dolphins

Two dead dolphins are found entangled in a gillnet on Waikuku Beach, just north of Christchurch – another reminder that Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins are still being killed in fishing nets around New Zealand. The number of dolphin deaths in commercial gillnets has apparently been reduced from 35-46 per year to 23 per year off […]